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Was there a world before Windows 10?

Was there a world before Windows 10?
  • On June 23, 2021

Was there a world before Windows 10?

With so much of our daily lives tied up in technology, it’s easy to forget the days when we didn’t have the world at our fingertips. Getting the best deal meant hours trawling round shops and showrooms. Important business meetings entailed everyone being in the same place at the same time. Booking a holiday, arranging an overdraft, or just buying the weekly groceries meant a trip to the high street.

But now the physical world has gone digital, and things that seemed a pipedream just a few years ago are now a [virtual] reality. In our personal lives, the impact of the digital revolution has been immense – quite literally a world away from what we knew. And when it launched in July 2015, Microsoft’s Windows 10 became the trailblazer that delivered new horizons to the commercial landscape too. From increasing productivity through multi-tasking capabilities to pioneering whole new ways of working, Windows 10 took the business world by storm.

Stay on the money with Windows 10

Yet still many of the billion+ Windows 10 users across the globe haven’t leveraged this operating system to its full advantage. Take one completely free app that’s been a feature of Windows 10 since the start – MS Money for Windows 10. This program helps users manage their personal and business finances with ease – so much so, it’s been described as ‘finance simplified’.

With MS Money you can track the major financial indexes like the Dow Jones, keep abreast of worldwide commodity markets, view currency exchange rates, follow your stock investments and get the latest financial news – all in real-time. If you’re thinking of taking out a loan for anything from a new car to a new home, there’s even a handy calculator that can determine your monthly repayments.

Do more than the math…

Of course, when it comes to significant financial decisions like taking out a mortgage or re-mortgage, the MS Money calculator can only give you an overview of your commitment, not the nitty-gritty of how fluctuating interest rates could impact your repayments long-term. Plus, there’s still the task of searching around for the best deal. With so many mortgage products on the market, why not save yourself some time by looking into a completely free, impartial yet expert mortgage brokerage service like Trussle? They’ll search every mortgage deal out there, recommend the best ones for you, and even let you know how much you’ll pay in the long run and when it’s time to switch to a better deal. Now that’s something MS Money can’t do!

As Windows 10 moves on, some apps are here to stay

It’s fair to say that Windows 10 has changed our lives for the better, at home and in the workplace. With exciting new developments on the way, utilising the tried and trusted apps already available can help you stay on top of every aspect of everyday life – from your finances to your To-Do list!