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Video tour of the new Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile

Facebook Messenger Windows 10 Mobile
Windows Phone Area

The new Messenger app leaked in video

Yesterday, a couple of screenshots of the new Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile leaked onto the Internet, but today Windows Blog Italia has posted a video tour of the new application.

Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile comes with a brand new interface in the iOS style. In fact, we know that Facebook has used its own software tools to port both Instagram and Messenger apps from iOS to Windows 10.

The new application allows you to:

  • Display name, Facebook username and the last time the user was active.
  • Pin a Live Tile on the Start Screen
  • Disable notifications for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until the reactivated.
  • Set nicknames to all users.
  • Change the color of the chat.
  • Send an emoticon.
  • View shared photos.
  • See the Facebook profile.
  • Create a group.
  • Block messages from a user or the person on Facebook.
  • Take a photo or video instantly.
  • Send one or more photos from the camera roll or any other folder on your smartphone.
  • Send a sticker.
  • Record a voice message.
  • Send a GIF.

In the Settings you have:

  • Ability to customize your profile by adding a phone number and user name.
  • Ability to customize the notifications by activating the Do Not Disturb and choosing whether to show the message previews.
  • Ability to enable or disable audio and vibration.
  • Ability to handle requests from people.
  • Ability to customize photos and multimedia content. You can choose whether or not to download the videos only in Wi-Fi, and whether to save the newly acquired items.
  • Ability to report a problem, access the assistance, to view privacy policy.
  • Ability to log out.

The video also shows that the interactive notifications (replying directly from the pop-notification or from the Action Center) have not been enabled yet. Facebook is expected to release the app to the general public in the coming weeks.