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Video shows exploding Live Tiles and 3D hover touch on Windows Phone

Microsoft Lumia McLaren 935

The cancelled McLaren with 3D Touch demonstrated on new video

We’ve already seen a couple of leaked photos of the cancelled Windows Phone flagship Nokia McLaren, but now for the first time we can see a video showing the 3D touch technology with Exploding Live Tiles that were supposed to become part of the operating system in late 2014.

At that time, Nokia (Microsoft) was developing a high-end Windows Phone, codenamed McLaren, that could have become the first with this 3D touch technology.

The new video shows a McLaren prototype in action, and we can see how the user navigates through the Tiles without touching the screen. When the users hovers a finger over certain Tiles they explode and reveal smaller tiles that act like quick shortcuts for performing tasks. For example, the Phone tile explodes and reveals favorite (or recent) contacts for a quick access.

The reason why this phone was canceled in 2014 is unclear, but some of the main reasons could be the general usability issues and the need for further research and improvements.

While the McLaren phone was scrapped, Microsoft has not completely abandoned the Interactive Live Tiles yet. The company reportedly works on improving the Windows 10’s Live Tiles in the Redstone Anniversary update scheduled for Q3-2016.