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How to use Mouse Gestures in Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge

How to use Mouse Gestures in Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge

Start using mouse gestures with a new extension

With Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, you can finally use extensions and add some extra functionalities to the default Windows browser. All these extensions can be downloaded directly from the Store, which opens up new possibilities for developers who can start building extensions and publish them in the Store, thus targeting over 500 million PCs.

One of these new browser extensions for Windows 10 is called ‘Mouse Gestures’. It basically allows you to use a mouse or a pen to perform browsing tasks. Right click and hold, then move the mouse/pen to perform a task.

There are many gestures you can use, divided into two categories – basic and advanced. You can personalize each gesture according to your preference from the Settings menu. For example, the default mouse gesture to go back is <—, while going forward is —>

To enable mouse and pen gestures you need to download the extension from the Store (click on the link at the end). Install it and tap ‘Turn it on’ once the notification pops up on the screen.


Click on the ellipsis (…) on the top right of Microsoft Edge to Turn on/off the extension, or jump into the Settings menu to see /personalize all mouse gestures.


If you feel that there are too many actions and you don’t need them all, you can easily turn off each one by selecting ‘No action’ from the drop-down menu.

Using gestures with the mouse/pen in the Windows 10 browser could increase your productivity and save time, especially if you have a large monitor. We hope that Microsoft will regularly update the Mouse Gestures and add new features to the extension.

Download Mouse Gestures