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US-based company to release a high-end Windows Phone this fall

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WhartonBrooks will launch a Continuum-capable smartphone

The US company based in Connecticut has revealed plans to release a Continuum-capable Windows 10 smartphone this fall. WhartonBrooks is yet to announce details about this mysterious smartphone, but the company mentions in the press-release that the device would “radically change the mobile computing industry”.

Continuum will be the central feature of this phone, much like the upcoming Elite x3, which means the phone could be connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and act like a Desktop-PC. The WhartonBrooks phone will also feature the highest level of encryption, secure boot and multiple biometrics for authentication. The availability of all these features means that WhartonBrooks is positioning the phone as an enterprise-oriented product, a niche where HP and Microsoft also think that they could be competitive with Windows Phone. More details about the phone will be announced in the coming weeks.