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UpdateAdvisor helps prepare your phone for Windows 10 update

UpdateAdvisor app

Microsoft launches a new tool that helps free up space

The new tool by Microsoft called UpdateAdvisor is now available to download from the Store. The app checks the phone storage and deletes temporary files in order to free up space for the new update.

UpdateAdvisor also gives suggestions to free up even more space by moving some files from the built-in storage to the SD card (if you have one) or OneDrive cloud.

UpdateAvisor app also connects to the Internet and automatically checks for new updates. The app would come in handy for all owners of phones with 4 GB or 8GB of storage, who need to make enough room for the system files before installing an update.

Microsoft is yet to confirm if all these models will get Windows 10 Mobile or not. So far, only phones with at least 8GB of storage have been confirmed to get the new OS, but Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 available to all phones running Windows Phone 8.1. From the app description:

You can install and try Update Advisor right now.