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An update is available for Lumia 535 to fix the touch screen problems

Microsoft Lumia 535 back Cyan

Microsoft improves the touch screen performance of the Lumia 535

The first Lumia 535 smartphones in selected markets have received a new update from Microsoft. The update, though pretty small in size, is probably more significant than the Denim for all 535 owners. As we reported, Microsoft acknowledged touch screen sensitivity problems of the Lumia 535 leading to inaccurate finger tracking, and promised to release a software update to resolve the issues.

The update should reach all devices within days, depending on country and carrier, and after installing the touch performance should vastly improve.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is an interesting device. With a price of just above 100 EUR, two 5MP cameras and a 5-inch screen, the Lumia 535 can easily become the next best –selling cheap Windows Phone. The previous model from the 5xx series, the Nokia Lumia 530, failed to make an impression on the market due to its weak hardware, non-appealing design and small screen. Redmond is now preparing a couple of new smartphones with low to mid-range specs and prices. Among the upcoming Microsoft Lumia smartphones are a 5.7-inch mid-class Lumia with 14MP camera and a 4-inch Lumia with hardware buttons, 5MP camera and extremely low price.

Source: Nokia Discussions