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Top ten factors for purchase: Windows Phone vs Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

A new online survey among 50 000 users in 25 countries shows the top ten purchase drivers for smartphones running Windows Phone, iOS and Android, and the results are quite surprising. According to IDC, a long battery life is the top factor for all platforms. Other high ranked factors for Windows Phone users are ‘operating system’ and ‘ease of use’, with 40% and 38% of the users influenced by these factors when making a purchase.

Interestingly, the respondents don’t consider ‘apps’ to be among the top factors that influence purchase, something hard to be believed, considering the criticism toward the Windows Phone ecosystem for the app gap.

So, it seems that most of the consumers just don’t care so much about access to millions of apps, while ‘battery life’ as one of the most problematic areas in the industry today is the top ranked factor that influences purchase. Here are all top 10 factors for customers who purchased a Windows Phone: Battery life 53%, Operating system 40%, Ease of use 38%, Touch Screen 37%, Screen size 34%, Brand 25%, Weight/Size 24%, Camera 23%, Browsing speed 22%, Type of network 20%.

top 10 smartphone purchase drivers