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The Top 10 Online Games You Can Play On Your Android Phone

The Top 10 Online Games You Can Play On Your Android Phone
  • On October 28, 2020

Are you looking for that breathtaking android online game blaze?

The world of android gaming is growing bigger and better each day. With every technological invention, a new online gaming line is born, having both casinos on your phone and leisure gaming.

With this android gaming influx, choosing the best game can be overwhelming. We have done in-depth research on the top 10 online games you can play on your android phone to make it easier for you to choose.

Gold Factory

Immerse yourself in a fantastic world filled with riches in Gold Factory by Microgaming. The game setting is inside a gold theme factory that processes gold, and you have a chance to grab amazing prizes.

The gold factory online slot offers a wide range of bonus features that will get you hooked without a double. Uncover the treasures hidden within the factory, spin the reels, and grab fulfilling wins. The game is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 50-line slot created with a wild scatter and a bonus.

The soundtrack enabled in this slot is lovely and serves as enough motivation to keep you going.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways

The Pirate Kingdom game is a thrilling adventure with many unique maps that accommodate different skill levels. The setting is an explosive sea battle that will pave your way to undisputed glory by playing against other pirates.

Every battlefield you create through this map can help you use tactics to lead ships against enemy fleets, attack their home forts, and protect your kingdom. With every daily challenge you win, your rating in the global chat increases. Proceeding through levels is the perfect strategy to unlock different pirate kingdom megaways modes.

The Pirates Kingdom is free to download and play offline for improved enjoyment, even in low network connection environments.

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish

Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish is a game that helps online players unwind through its simulation feature. This game has a very relaxed and creative setting under the sea. Players from all corners of the world build their customized ecosystems under the sea waves.

Through your imagination as an online player, you are in a position to add aesthetic value to your simulation by designing your decorations using coral and seaweed. For aquatic life survival, you build colonies that produce air bubbles, ensuring your kingdom is clean at all times.

The Abyssrium World: Tap Tap Fish is free to play and contains adverts. If you are a lover of simulations, this is the perfect getaway for you.

Baseball Superstars 2020

Baseball superstars 2020 is a mind-blowing game created by Gamevil for baseball lovers just before the end of the MLB season. This free to play online game, which you can download from google play, is designed to help you demolish your opponents through the team you build.

For those bragging rights, carefully select a team with the best trainers, customize the team to be your weapon of online gaming mass destruction. The team management function gives you the power to upgrade your arsenal and customize the game with ease of offering your team that unique tactic.

A couple of adverts pop up, which should not limit your fun. The more determined you are, the more you unlock new and amazing online gaming elements.

Soul of Eden

One of the top rhythm games developers, Rayark, has developed this arousing free-to-play Soul of Eden online game. However, this one is not a rhythm game. Enjoy playing with your friends, family, and online gamers through the multiplayer feature.

Collect cards for future exploitation when need be. Soul of Eden mixes card dueling and strategy elements for an ultimate fun experience. Show your prowess by playing the game for a long duration. Perfect your strategy skills because making a mistake in the first few minutes results in getting beat fast.

The game’s meta might be a little tricky for free players. If you are looking for a competing buzz, this is your game.


You don’t need an introduction to Fortnite, do you? Enjoy this action-packed battle royale game against online game lovers from all over the world.

Live the virtual world experience playing Fortnite, which is designed using cartoon-like graphics. A variety of elements, including an entire building mechanism, are added in the game, ensuring it has a lighthearted effect on you as a player.

Fresh content is updated every week, making sure you have new content to consume every time you log in to play. Enjoy playing the free to download and play Fortnite game with numerous game modes to satisfy your gaming needs.

Lord of Heroes

The Lord of Heroes game is an electrifying free to play. In this game, you earn characters by completing the in-game criteria.

Lord of heroes is a game that you can enjoy with family without worrying about violence promotion or sexualized characters. It’s easy to play and has a comprehensive tutorial at the beginning. There are “pay-to-improve” options, which are not vital to succeed in this game.

The controls and mechanics are reliable. However, lower-end devices may experience a little bit of lag.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is free to download and play an MMORPG zombie shooter that employs a survival strategy game. An intriguing 2027 setting where an unknown plague virus infection wipes out most of the world’s population is used in this soul-stirring game.

The game’s emotional charge is shooting all the walking dead zombies in the post-apocalypse to survive and stay alive. Scavenge for supplies, including new weapons and vehicles, for increased chances of survival.

Runelords Arena

The free to download and play Runelords Arena online game is a turn-based mobile RPG with a decent story mode and online PvP. Building a competitive team requires five classes.

To progress through the game, employ a simple tactic of leveling up your heroes. The story setting is decent. The online experience for this type of play is about par. Do not worry about the bugs that might bother you once in a while because the developers are surprisingly quick at fixing most of them.

Clash Royale

Have you bought one of the best 2020 phones for gambling and want to reap the benefits? Clash Royale is one anthemic online multiplayer game that you can’t afford to forego. The game’s fanbase is growing every day, with the game being a spin-off from the famous strategy game Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale is a card-based game in which you fight against other players in a PvP battle to prove your unquestionable gaming skills. If you’re looking for a rip-rolling online multiplayer game, Clash Royale is a perfect selection.

The online game world is a stimulating environment to be in. Use the information we have given you in this article to select the game that meets your needs and sets your global ratings in a high rank. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a game and let the fun begin!


The online game world is a stimulating environment to be in. Use the information we have given you in this article to select the game that meets your needs and sets your global ratings in a high rank. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a game and let the fun begin!