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The Multiple Uses of Email You Should Know About

The Multiple Uses of Email You Should Know About
  • On December 23, 2020

Most people find emails to be less relevant than ever. Sure, we use them at work, but besides that, they seem to be losing their relevance. Video conferencing programs, business communication platforms, and other mediums have all displaced the new snail mail.

However, emails are still relevant—which may be why there are 5.59 billion active email accounts across the world. It remains a powerful tool, and odds are there some uses of it that you haven’t considered. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the different benefits and uses of email that you might not be aware of.

Sending Attachments

If you want to send a file to someone, how do you go about doing it? Email remains one of the fastest and easiest ways to share something with someone regardless of location.

From Excel spreadsheets to photos of the family on vacation in Myrtle Beach, attach your files and watch the other person receive view them in seconds. 


As the world continues to shrink, communicating with people on the other side of the world is becoming more and more normalized. As a phone call at 3:00 AM is not realistic, many people rely on email.

Email allows people in different time zones and on different schedules to communicate whenever is most convenient for them. 

Easy to Reread  

Another one of the benefits of using email is that it provides a clear documentation trail. You won’t have to wonder what or when someone said something because of how clear email history is.

Aside from conversations, it’s also easy to keep track of announcements and directions that people send over email.

Communicating With Multiple People 

Would you be comfortable sending a text to 100 people? Sending messages one by one takes up a lot of time while starting a massive group chat might seem like spam.

Email manages to dodge these problems, providing you with an efficient way to share updates and information with large groups of people. If you need to send an invitation to a group, check out these templates to help you design your email invitations

Praising Someone

Tone is tricky over all forms of written communication, which is why sending a negative email usually isn’t a good idea. However, praising someone over email is a powerful tactic to take advantage of.

Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of opening up an email that rewards or compliments them for a job well done. 

Think About the Many Uses of Email Next Time You Send One

Although we might take it for granted, email allows us to do so much. From following up with someone to sharing the latest memes with friends, the uses of email are almost limitless. Make sure to appreciate the beautiful simplicity that comes with email next time you send one. 

Did you learn about some different benefits of using an email that you hadn’t considered before? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more tech-related news and tips.