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The Best Health Apps for Windows

Windows Apps

Even though the Windows operating system isn’t as popular as a lot of other OS for phones, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a lot of amazing apps. There is a pretty decent selection of apps to choose from, and not least of which is their fine selection of health apps. Use these programs on your mobile device to help you stay fit and healthy in every aspect of your life.

1. Caledos Runner

If you try to incorporate running as part of your exercise and health regime, then Caledos Runner is a great addition to your arsenal of workout tools. It has many handy features, it supports Bluetooth SMART and even some heart rate monitors, and makes use of RunKeeper, SmashRun, and Strava. Get audio cues in 9 different languages.

With Caledos Runner you can get motivated to exercise and also keep track of your fitness activities. The easy to read and use interface will give you information about time, distance, and pace. Easily control your music as you are working out, and get progress and stats via your headphones.

You can also use the GPS in your phone to track your activities, whatever they may be—from skiing to walking. RunKeeper lets you share your adventures on social media.

2. Food Diary

If you struggle with overeating or unhealthy eating habits, Food Diary might be able to help. According to the app, it’s a fact that keeping track of what you eat can help put a stop to these problems. Food Diary allows you to easily and painlessly track your snacks and meals.

It offers recent food suggestions and simple 1 click entry. It features a database of thousands of kinds of food, and if you eat something that it doesn’t have, it’s easy to add it. If you want to upgrade you will be able to use a few other features. The design of this app is simple and efficient, opening straight up to the page you are likely to use most, which is the most recent meals.

It features personalized suggestions and remembers what you’ve eaten previously. Most of the items it has also include information about carbs, fat, protein, and calories.

3. Sleep

This simply named app can help you with one of the most critical aspects of a healthy life, sleep. Sleep is a rather unique sleep app that utilizes sounds. The part that makes this app rather unique is that you can mix and layer multiple sounds together. There are 19 soothing base sounds in addition to accent sounds.

It’s easy to operate, all you have to do is press the tile, and then you can pin the base sound you want to the start screen. This gives you quick and easy access to the sounds you like best. Another great feature of this app is that it is ad-free.

If you struggle with sleep, we would recommend checking out the reviews of personal sleep-related gadgets and sleep trackers to monitor and improve your sleep quality.

4. Active Fitness

If running isn’t your choice of workout activities and the other fitness app here isn’t your thing, perhaps Active Fitness would be better suited to you. This health app features GPS tracking and connects you to a social network that encompasses millions of users across the globe.

It is perfect if you enjoy walking, hiking, skiing, biking, running, or even urban sports like rafting and skateboarding. One of the main ways that Active Fitness helps you stay motivated and active is by giving you ways to share your adventures with a like-minded community.

This app also has professionally designed training plans, leaderboards for activities and sports, and 3D maps. It even supports wearables and has a weight tracker.

5. Breathe Deeply Now!

The mental state is every bit as important as the body, and it is also one important aspect which can even help reduce certain health conditions. Indeed being calm and at peace can help you sleep better, eat better, and feel better in general.

Breathe Deeply Now! Is an app focused entirely on a breathing technique that is effective at reducing stress and calming nerves? The app is based on yogic abdominal breathing and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you clear your mind of fear and anger.

You will place your finger on the main screen of Breathe Deeply Now! over two circles, one inside the other, and inhale through your nose. As you exhale, you will release your finger from the screen. The circles expand and contract as your lungs do.