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Tetra Lockscreen Released for Windows Phone

Tetra Lockscreen Released for Windows Phone
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Tetra LockScreen makes your lock screen more useful

This new app comes as a result from the work done by employees at Microsoft. They work together on a program called Microsoft Garage which allows them to develop projects they like and make their fantasies a reality. Tetra Lockscreen is their new product. It shows you any upcoming events in your calendar, your current street location and many other useful things. The app also supports a function which could track your steps, measure the distance covered and show an approximate number of calories burned.

The new app is mainly notable for its simplicity and functionality. If you use Windows Phone 8.1 it is the perfect fast and light program for your device. It contains many useful tools and functions.

The Agenda function is the one that is responsible for your upcoming events. It shows everything on a calendar including a simple timeline.

Moreover, your current location is displayed on a street map which also shows your upcoming events situated nearby your position at the time being.

tetra lockscreen app for windows phone 8.1

The activity tracker measures the covered distance and the burned calories. Then it could compare your daily or weekly results to previous periods of time.

You can also use the Stopwatch function which is also active when the screen is locked. In addition, you get Lap functionality.

However, the Activity Tracker function is not supported on all Windows Phone devices. It works only on those with Nokia SensorCore. Tetra Lockscreen could be downloaded from Windows Phone app store for free.

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