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Market - Windows Phone Area

Windows on phone literally nonexistent in the market

July 18, 2017 |

1.1 million phones will be sold for the whole 2017

IDC published its regular report about the smartphone sales, showing that Windows on phone has almost vanished from the market. The market intelligence company reasonably predicts that the Windows phone … Read More

Windows tablet market grows 19%, while global sales fall 9%

February 3, 2017 |

Positive news for the Windows tablets in Q4 2016

The last quarter of 2016 was successful for the Windows tablets. While the overall tablet shipments fell 9 percent in Q4 2016, the Windows tablets continued its uptrend, increasing from 8.5 … Read More

Lumia 950 and Lumia 640 are the most popular Windows 10 phones in the US

November 23, 2016 |

Alcatel Idol 4S has appeared on the 16th place

United States is a major smartphone market, so it’s interesting to get a detailed picture of the Windows phone’s presence in the country. In the new AdDuplex report for … Read More

90.5% of the Windows 10 Phones are on Build 14393 or newer

October 24, 2016 |

Windows 10 Mobile is installed on 14% of the phones in use

While Microsoft has upgraded only 14% of the active Windows phones in use to Windows 10 Mobile, the company is supporting this micro niche market very well. After … Read More

Windows 10 Desktop market share grows to 21%

August 1, 2016 |

Windows 10’s market share grew 2% in a month

At the end of June, Windows 10 was on 19% of all desktop computers around the world, according to Net MarketShare. Today, a year after Microsoft released the operating system, … Read More

Lumia 535 becomes the most popular Windows Phone

April 30, 2016 |

Windows 10 Mobile is on 9.2% of all devices

AdDuplex has released its monthly statistics about the situation in the windows phone market in April 2016. According to the data, the most popular phone in use is the Microsoft Lumia … Read More

9% of all Windows phones are running Windows 10 Mobile

December 21, 2015 |

Windows 10 Mobile is growing in market share

AdDuplex has released its latest report about the Windows Phone market share. From the report we can learn what’s the most popular Windows smartphone and some interesting changes and trends in … Read More

Windows Phone gains market share in China and Europe

November 4, 2015 |

Smartphone OS sales share for Q3 2015

Kantar has released its periodical report about the major smartphone markets for Q3 2015. The numbers are quite positive for Microsoft given the limited number of Windows devices available in 2015.

We … Read More

Windows Phone market share grows in Europe, EU5

May 10, 2015 |

Smartphone market share for Q1 2015

Kantar World Panel has published its smartphone market report for the first quarter of 2015. The slides show Windows Phone recovering in EU5 (the top 5 European Economies), but still struggling in other major … Read More

Windows 10 is already on 0.7% of all active phones

April 23, 2015 |

Latest AdDuplex stats for April 2015

AdDuplex ad-network has published its monthly stats for April 2015. The new report reveals some interesting trends, including a jump of the Windows 10 installed base from 0.1% to 0.7% for just one month.

Read More

Low-end phones dominating the market, Lumia 535 & 635 on the rise

January 28, 2015 |

62.6% of the active smartphones now run Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone’s cross-promotional advertising network AdDuplex has published its January report about the platform. By analyzing information from nearly 5000 apps and million users, AdDuplex’s reports give us a pretty … Read More

Smartphone OS sales: November 2014

January 9, 2015 |

Windows and Android drop, Apple grows

The latest smartphone sales report from Kantar for the 3 months ending in November 2014 shows that Apple’s share grows in all markets at the expense of Windows and Android. Strong sales of iPhone … Read More