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Lumia 950 has the best camera in a modern smartphone

December 8, 2015 |

Lumia 950’s camera beats Android and iOS flagships

PureView is a symbol of high quality smartphone cameras. From the incredible Nokia 808 PureView from early 2012, the first Windows Phone 8 flagship Lumia 920, to the unique Lumia 1020 … Read More

After all, Lumia is still the best smartphone for photos

March 27, 2015 |

Nokia Lumia 930 wins against Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and HTC One M9

The PureView-branded Lumia phones are known to have extremely capable cameras. Phones like Lumia 1020, Lumia 930 and 1520 were far ahead of the competition when … Read More

Mid-range smartphone battle: iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 830

September 10, 2014 |

After comparing the iPhone 6 Plus to the Lumia 930 let’s have a look at Apple and Nokia’s affordable flagships  – the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the Nokia Lumia 830.

iPhone 6 Nokia Lumia 830 Dimensions 138.1 x 67 x … Read More

iPhone 6 Plus vs Nokia Lumia 930: specs comparison

September 9, 2014 | 4

Apple today announced two iPhones so it’s perfect time to compare the 5.5-inch model to the current Windows Phone flagship Lumia 930 which is in fact a device from late 2013.

iPhone 6+ Nokia Lumia 930 Dimensions 158.1 x 77.8 … Read More

Nokia Lumia 930 vs iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – specs comparison

April 21, 2014 |

Lumia 930, the latest flagship model by Nokia launches in a few weeks, with several advantages over the old-generations of Windows Phones. First, it comes with a beautiful and larger screen than its predecessors (Nokia Lumia 920 & 925), a … Read More

Windows Phone overtakes iOS in Russia

July 10, 2013 |

MTS – the largest wireless provider in Russia has agreed to promote Windows Phone handsets in its storesThe latest additions to the WP8 family, including the new flagship Nokia Lumia devices will be offered at special Windows Phone zones in … Read More