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T-Mobile is not planning Windows 8.1.1 update for phones other than Lumia 521 & Lumia 925

T-Mobile HTC 8X
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HTC 8X and other devices on T-Mobile won’t get official Widows Phone 8.1.1

The official Windows Phone 8.1.1 update is already running on half of the active smartphones – most of them unlocked or devices which have joined the Preview for Developers program for early updates directly from Microsoft. Most of the carriers, on the other hand, need some extra work before releasing new OS versions to their customers, while others just decide to leave the old devices behind.

This seems to be the case with T-Mobile. The US carrier explained on Twitter yesterday that they have no plans to upgrade many of its old Windows Phones except the Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 521.

Everyone using the HTC 8X should be disappointed by this decision because the 8X on T-Mobile is still on version 8.0. One question emerges… isn’t it better to buy a Windows Phone unlocked and without a contract? Of course, it is, unless you prefer to be stuck with an old version of the platform without updates. For example, the global variant of the HTC 8X received Windows Phone 8.1 (Update 1) months ago.

In this light, we do not expect T-Mobile to upgrade any of the current smartphones to Windows 10, even though Microsoft has confirmed that most of the phones will be upgraded.

Another, rather slow, US carrier in terms of Windows updates is Verizon Wireless. The funny thing is that while Verizon is yet to upgrade the Nokia Lumia Icon to Cyan (a year old version), many Windows Insiders will be able to install the first pre-release of Windows 10 this week.

Source: Winbeta