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Surfy web browser with a new look

Surfy 4.0 browser with a new look
Windows Phone Area

Surfy is a one of the nicest web browsers for Windows Phone, offering a lot of features for fantastic browsing experience. It has all you need – tabs, full screen mode, private session and more. Users can download and open files, music and videos, or listen webpages as Surfy reads them. Outcoder, the company beyond Surfy, has recently updated its mobile app to version 4.0 bringing many new features and enhancements.

First, Surfy 4.0 comes with a new look and theme support. Customers can set their favorite color scheme, accent color, and personalize number of tabs and app bar. You can let Surfy set the color in accordance with your Windows Phone’s theme color, or you can select different color from the app settings menu. Surfy also supports custom backgrounds, so users can select their favorite picture from the phone.

Surfy 4.0 browser with a new look

Surfy mobile browser version 4.0 includes a new logo and transparent live tile, corresponding with the WP8.1’s ability to skin live tiles with an image by choice. If an image has been set for the start screen, Surfy changes its live tile to transparent. If a solid color for the WP8.1 start screen has been selected the live tile changes matching the phone’s theme. In addition to the new look and customization options, Surfy 4.0 has been improved with some bug fixes and additional Facebook reading support.

Download the app for free from the store.