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Surface Laptop found impossible to repair

surface laptop teardown
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Microsoft’s first laptop gets 0 out of 10 for repairability

People wanting premium and light notebooks can already buy the new Surface Laptop – a device offering a perfect balance between design, power and portability. But all this comes with a price – the ability to repair the laptop on your own is literally impossible, according to a teardown by IfixIt.

All components of the Microsoft Surface Laptop are glued together, so it’s too difficult to remove them without destroying the device. All main parts like the CPU and the RAM are soldered to the motherboard, which means you cannot replace them if they fail or you want to upgrade them. Even simple things like the headphone jack and the battery are hard to be replaced, according to iFixIt, which results in the worst score ever – 0 out of 10.

Microsoft Surface product have never had good scores for repairability, but this is the first time a device falls beyond 1/10. However, the low score speaks nothing about the quality of the product that already got many positive reviews from tech magazines around the world.