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Stream Live videos with Reelsome

reelsome app screens
Windows Phone Area

Reelsome is a video streaming app for Windows Phone that lets you shoot video and share it with the world in real time. One of its major advantages over Google’s Live Streaming is that Reelsome is very easy to use, so no efforts are required to make your streams public.

When you open Reelsome for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in with a Facebook account. Then just press the record button and chose people you want to share the live video streaming with. Videos can be saved in the cloud so they can be watched at any time. The app comes with free storage enough for 1 hour of streaming. If you need more space in the cloud, you need to pay €1.99 monthly or €19.99 yearly for 50 additional hours.

Go to ‘My Reels’ to watch, share or delete reels. You can also watch live streams from friends and explore other users’ reels using the ‘Live Now’ section, where you will see the most popular streams at the moment.

reelsome app for video streaming

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