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Stadia: a New Game Streaming Service from Google

  • On March 28, 2019

Google has introduced to the world its own cloud game broadcast service – Stadia. Previously, the service was tested in preliminary mode under the name Project Stream. Stadia will allow us to play console-level games on any device with a browser and a connection to the network: on a smartphone, tablet, computer with any modern operating system with a Chromebook, and even on a TV using a Chromecast adapter. It is not necessary to set or download something for this purpose specifically.

The concept of streaming games assumes that the user, regardless of the power of his device, can start a game on a remote server. The user sends commands to a server and receives a picture as a streaming video. While Canadian gamers are expecting to try the newcomer on their own, they are offered to check best online gambling sites in Canada. You will obviously find something interesting on the author site.

World Competition

The launch of Stadia has become one of the main world news: the largest IT company entered the 137 billion dollars market. When Google comes to your business, it means that the game rules will not be the same anymore.
Several companies in the world are engaged in streaming games, but they all face the same problems, like input lag, for example. Such big players like NVIDIA showed their solutions in this area, but no one has yet achieved significant progress.

What Equipment Is Relevant to Stadia?

In Stadia games, you can use any existing controllers, including a mouse and keyboard. However, Google introduced its own gamepad, very similar to Xbox and PlayStation controllers. The device connects to the gaming service directly via Wi-Fi, which can significantly reduce potential delays. In addition to the usual set of buttons, the gamepad will receive separate keys to start recording video and calling Google Assistant, when you need to ask for help on the passing game, for example.

Integration with YouTube

A key feature of this game broadcast service will be tight integration with YouTube. Looking through the game trailers or watching the broadcast of its passage, the player can click on the link to run the same game and even from the same place where he stopped watching. The service will bring together streamers, viewers and will likely open up new opportunities for advertisers. Still, Google makes money on advertising.

System Requirements

The exact launch time of the service and the information on subscription price Google has not yet disclosed. Almost nothing is known about the system requirements of Stadia: only the width of the channel needed for the game is 25 Mbps for 1080p playing and 35 for 4K. Internet connection should be unlimited, permanent and stable, that is, playing on the road will not work even with 4G / LTE. In addition, the service will be compatible only with Chrome and Android.

The Early Birds

Consoles are created by Google in collaboration with AMD and endowed with 10.7 teraflops graphics accelerators. These consoles are running Linux, which means that many game developers will have to transfer their creations to a new platform. By the way, there is only one game officially announced for Stadia – Doom Eternity shooter. Whether the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey action used in the preliminary testing will be available at the start is not clear yet.

The final launch of Stadia is expected this year; gamers from the USA, Canada, the UK and “most” of Europe will be the first to receive the new gaming service. How will Microsoft respond?