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Spotify for Windows 10 PC released in the Store

Spotify Music Store

Windows 10 users can now install Spotify from the Store

The most popular music streaming service, with over 140 million active users, has released its Desktop app in the Windows Store. This is not a brand new UWP app. It’s actually the same win32 app we’ve been using on Windows 10 PCs, but modernized and converted to a Store app using the Project Centennial bridge.

Installing the Spotify app from the Store will automatically uninstall the traditional Desktop client, and visually improve the app’s tile on the Start Screen if you have pinned it. You can also benefit from automatic Store updates.

Spotify Music Store Windows 10 PC

Announcing new and quality Store apps can help Microsoft make its Store-only version of Windows – Windows 10 S, more attractive for the customers. Devices running Windows 10 S, like the newly announced Surface Laptop, could only install secure apps from the Store, and not traditional exe files. We also learn that the future mobile-PCs, hybrids between phones and PCs, may be able to run these modernized win32 apps in Continuum mode.

Download the Spotify Music app from the Store.