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Spotify and Amazon Music pick up updates in the Microsoft Store

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New updates rolled out to Spotify and Amazon music

Two of the new Windows 10 store apps, created using the Desktop Bridge – a tool allowing developers to publish their existing apps in the Store, have received new updates for Windows 10. The benefits of the streamlined deployment with auto-updates, along with the unique UWP features such as Live Tiles and notifications, have immediately attracted some major developers like Spotify, Amazon and Apple. Do you remember that iTunes will soon be released in the Windows Store?

So, Spotify and Amazon Music can now be seamlessly upgraded to their latest versions via the Store update mechanism. Both recent updates seem to be minor as they are not bringing visible changes and new features, but at least they prove that Microsoft’s strategy starts to pay off.

Spotify Music has been updated to version 1.74.380, while Amazon released an update for its app to version

These apps are currently only for Windows 10 PCs, but they are expected to run on the upcoming Windows 10 on ARM devices, including the foldable phone/tablet/PC codenamed Andromeda.