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Snapchat client 6snap won’t be coming back

Snapchat hates windows phone

Windows Phone users have no options to use Snapchat

Most popular among teenagers, the messaging service Snapchat has never had an official app for our platform. However, a few third party clients were available some time ago, but Snapchat began playing dirty by forcing developers to remove apps and by deleting users’ accounts associated with these unofficial apps.

The result is that Windows Phone users do not have the ability to access Snapchat and some of them may even think about leaving the platform and start using Android instead because of this particular app. Snapchat remained among the few companies not providing official support for Windows, and I have the feeling Google has been somehow involved.

The best unofficial Snapchat app was 6snap, and Windows Phone users were quite satisfied with its design and functionality. Today, the app developer, Rudy Huyn, has made clear that there is no way for 6snap to return to the Store.

While 6tag is now officially dead, Huyn announces that two brand new apps will be released soon, both derived from 6snap. What does that mean? Will we have a new option for sending temporary messages on Windows Phone? Quite possibly… but not for long time.