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SmartThings Released a Windows Phone App

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Control your connected home from a Windows phone

SmartThings which is a popular program for home hardware connection released its first app for Windows Phone. It allows users to connect and operate their home devices through their Windows Phone smartphones.

The app sends you notifications and alarms about the current condition of your home. For example, you can inform if the doors are secured and lock them, tune up the energy users and do many other activities that usually could not be done from a distance. But you don’t have to be at home in order to accomplish them. SmartThings app will do it instead.

The app has some features that make it really useful. For example, you receive a notification any time when someone arrives or leaves your house or any time when a drawer, door or window is opened, moved or closed. Moreover, you can manage the lighting in your home from a distance and set it to turn on or off in any occasion.

SmartThings Released a Windows  Phone app


One of the best things is that you can turn on the heating or the air condition system when you leave work and you will come back home just in time when the temperature there is perfect.  Your TV or lights could be set to turn on if a motion is detected during the night. Thus, you will be protected against thieves and burglary. Last but not least, you can observe and control the level of energy use of your home on the screen of your smartphone.

Any devices connected to SmartThings Hub could be controlled by the app. It is a system to which any user can add any devices and switches produced by different companies. It could be bought as a single basis or as a part of some smart home equipment.

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