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Smartphone sales broken down by price category and operating system

windows vs Android vs iphone ios
Windows Phone Area

In 2013 the sales of smartphones exceeded 1 billion for the first time and it looks as if the tendency will be continued till the end of this year. Observation of the market shows the weak results of BlackBerry (just 0.8% share), the rising interest of China’s Xiaomi and the flagging sales of Samsung.

Windows Phone’s results are not much better but at least the company has launched some new important apps in the last few months. Nevertheless, Android remains the most popular platform among users with its 85%, followed by iOS and Windows Phone. Let’s see what users are spending their money for.

The chart shows the smartphone sales according to their price category. You can see the results for the top 3 platforms.

We can see that most of the sales of Android and Windows Phone devices are in the low price category. That means devices at a price under $200. Of course, iOS device at such price does not exist. The cheapest iPhone is the 4S model released three years ago. Its price up to now is $450. Obviously, the majority of sales of iOS phones are in the high-end category.

smartphone prices by os Q2 2014

Small part of the sales of Windows Phones is for the high-class devices – only 13.7%. Most of the devices bought are from the mid-class at a price from $200 up to $400. The results of Android show equality between the sales of high-class and mid-class models.

We can conclude that Apple’s results are not a surprise. More interesting is the leadership of Android against Windows Phones. Windows obviously relies more on low-cost and mid-cost devices than Android. That comes as a surprise for some people who consider Windows Phones as more premium platform.

Source: Statista