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Smart Dialling for Windows 10 demoed on video

Windows 10 for Phones Dialer app

Microsoft is working on a Smart phone dialer for Windows 10

Those familiar with Windows Mobile 6.5 may remember that the old phone dialer had many functionalities which didn’t make their way to the Windows Phone and no one knew why. Smart Dialling is one of those missing features in the modern Windows versions for Phones. The Smart dialer lets you type numbers or letters and perform a quick search directly from the dialer to bring up contacts without opening the main contact list.

The smart dialing feature is still missing in the current Windows Phone 8.1 OS, but according to ITHome Microsoft is working on this functionality for the upcoming Windows 10 for Phones. A brief video has been published to demonstrate the future Windows 10 dialer in action:

The same source also claims that the new dialer will include a feature called ‘Yellow Pages’ allowing users to search for people, places and organizations outside of the phone book.

The first Preview version of Windows 10 came with a bare-boned phone app without features like smart dialing and yellow pages. These and even more functions could be added in future builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.