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Slowly lets you create slow motion videos

Slowly for Windows Phone 8.1 logo
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Slowly is a brand new video editing tool for Windows Phone 8.1. As the name implies, the app lets you add slow motion effects to your existing videos by changing the speed of each part of the clip.

Slowly looks quite minimalistic, but it does the things just right, so you can produce some nice slow motion clips. When you open the app you will see a “+” sign which leads to the album section so you can select a video you want to edit.

The clip can be edited so users can set start and end point and then apply 50%, 40% or 25% slow-motion effect to the pre-defined part of the clip. Keep in mind that most smartphones capture videos at 30fps so if you add the slowest (25%) effect to them, the result will be choppy clips.

Slowly app screenshots

The app displays parts of the clip with added effects in the phone’s accent colors while parts in normal speed are highlighted in gray. Once you’ve finished with editing, click next and wait until the clip is saved in a special folder called ‘Slowly’ in the photo album. Slow-motion videos can be shared on Facebook, send by email or uploaded to the cloud.

Download Slowly for free from the Windows Phone store.

via: WPCentral