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Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 has been stopped

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Windows Phone users can no longer run Skype

Microsoft has long stopped updating the Windows Phone version of Skype, but the app still worked on the platform months after the deadline. At the beginning of 2017 we learnt that Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 would stop on March 1, but even after that deadline the users were still able to sign-in on devices like the Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8.1.

However, now it seems that Skype for Windows Phone no longer works. AAWP has reported that the app no longer allows sign-ins, displaying a message that “You cannot be signed in at this time. Please check your network settings and try again”.

Skype not working

So, Microsoft has really killed Skype for old phones like the Lumia 1020, 925, 920, 820, 720, 630, 620, 520, and others still on Windows Phone 8.1. All these phones can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 10, so they cannot use the Universal version of the Skype app that is based on the new centralized Skype architecture.

If you have one of these phones, and you rely on Skype, you’d better upgrade to a new smartphone.