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Silverlight apps may not work on future versions of Windows 10 (Mobile)

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Microsoft to ditch support for old Silverlight apps

Microsoft has not commented publicly its plans for Windows 10 Mobile, but we know that the company is working on new software and hardware experiences based on Composable Shell in Windows 10.

Future Windows 10 version for ARM with CSHELL running on a smartphone will rely entirely on the Universal Windows platform, just like the newly announced Windows 10 S, but also enabling improved Continuum experience when the device is connected to a monitor, or unfolded as a tablet.

But Microsoft may be ditching support for a portion of the old Windows Phone apps. According to a screenshot from internal build of Windows 10 (Mobile), Silverlight apps are no longer supported.

Silverlight apps were popular in the old days of Windows Phone 7 and 8, but many of them are still used even on new devices like the Lumia 950. But not all old apps will be affected – many are based on WinRT and they will continue to work.