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Should we Give Children Smartphones

  • On February 7, 2019

Like anything and everything that has been man-made, technology has certain drawbacks to it. In the same manner, it has certain aspects of it that we cannot live without. One of these is the smartphone; our lives now literally revolve around them. However, is it right for a child to get a smartphone?

Yes, why not?

As soon as smartphones became popular everyone wanted one, and they made sure that they had one as well. Not only for themselves to play mobile casino online best payout but for their children as well. This they justified as they said there was the need for constant communication between them and their children.

Adding on to the communication part, children need smartphones for emergency purposes. Just in case something happens to the child, they can access information about the child’s parents via their smartphone. Furthermore, parents can use GPS to keep an eye on their child’s activities.

Another reason why they gave their children smartphones was that there are several platforms that the child can learn through. As there are several applications that a child can access for learning purposes.

No, they are just children…

However, some felt that children were not supposed to get smartphones, as they were too young. In the sense that with a smartphone, they will spend their days with their head buried deep in them.They will end up visit sites like, which is not good for them

They also stated that one could not block the content on the web. Too many sites will destroy the innocence of children. Therefore, to avoid getting to those sites, they should not be given any access to smartphones.

Furthermore, they stated that by giving children smartphones, it can lead to discrimination among them. This because the children would be comparing whose phone is better. In addition, by so doing leading to some being bullied and left out because their model is out-dated.