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Short Idea Note is a modern card type database

Short Idea Note
  • On November 6, 2014

Windows Phone Area received the following press release from
Short Idea Note is the most modern card type (has an user interface
imitated cards) database developed with the latest technology. Because
it is easy-to-use just as much as simple than relational databases, it
is suitable for managing your personal data.

  • Managing multiple items
    You don’t need to think for a long time of the design of items like
    other database software. You can create the template of the database
    easily only by adding and rearranging items which you want to manage at
    the template editor.
    What can be registered is not only a text and a number. “Rich text” that
    can add color and bold, “Icon” that image becomes a keyword, “File” that
    can register pictures, video and music on the storage, “Sketch” that can
    record hand-drawn illustrations are prepared for it and these are
    flexibly supported for various data.
  • Support online storages
    You can register not only files on your device, but the files on the
    online storage. You can access files on OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox,
    Box, and Bitcasa as if it was a local folder by an original framework.
    It is supported also to the transmission and reception of files created
    by Short Idea Note.
  • Learning mode
    When you press the learning button on the rich text editor, all the
    underlined texts will become a black painting except for one. Let’s
    finish the old studying method using a flash card.
  • Excellent visibility table
    On the list, cells are supported also to display thumbnails of files and
    sketches. In addition, grouping supported items makes easy distinction
    of data.
  • Search methods which can be mastered from beginners to experts
    Quick search can display cards with specific conditions one by one. In
    the list search, “Normal mode” that searches by easy conditions and
    “Advance search” that can specify complicated conditions such as OR and
    NOT, are prepared.
  • Forefront fuzzy search
    Of course, it supports case sensitive and ignore accents. But in
    addition to these, it supports also to orthographical variants peculiar
    to Japanese, alphabetizing of Greek and Russian, and normalize of
    type settings.
  • Online database
    It supports editing the online database by HTTP connection. You will
    stop worrying about the capacity of storage and transfer of the data by
    placing data on online.
  • Share with other platforms
    The almost same functions are implemented with Windows version and
    Android version. Therefore, you can change of the device very smoothly.
    Supported platforms will be added from now on.

download for Windows Phone the app is free (with in-app
purchasing: 1$-)

download for Windows 8.1