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Sharing Location in Skype Now Available for Windows Phone

Skype Windows Phone location
Windows Phone Area

Earlier today Skype version 2.22 was released for Windows Phone versions 8 and 8.1. It is the first to allow users to share their location. It guarantees better chat experience and easy friends and family tracking out. You just have to send them a map with a marker showing your exact position.

The new version of Skype allows you to share your location with anyone in a conversation. Another improvement makes it possible to save a photo from a chat. Moreover you can turn on or off notifications for any chat you want.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Location Sharing: Click the ‘+’ icon in a chat and select ‘share location’ to share your location with the people in your conversation
  • Save Picture: To save a photo: tap the image to enlarge it, then tap for more menu options and select ‘save photo’
  • Notification Controls for Individual Conversations: In a chat, tap for more options and select ‘notifications’. Here you can choose to turn notifications for that conversation on or off, so you’re only notified about incoming messages if you want to be.

Source: Skype Blog