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How to set rotating background and lock screen pictures on Windows 10 Mobile

Skype start screen

Use rotating photos as start and lock screen background

Windows 10 Mobile has personalization options that allow you to create a rather unique home screen by resizing and repositioning the Live Tiles, setting desired transparency and accent color, your own photo as start background and lock screen.

However, using the built-in settings in the Personalization section you could only select a single picture for the Start background, and choose between a single photo and a Daily Bing image for the lock screen. But third party apps will allow you do much more in terms of personalization. One of the best apps is called ‘Dynamic Theme’.

Dynamic Theme settings

Here is how you can set looped rotating backgrounds on the Start / Lock screen:

  1. Download and Install the Dynamic Theme app from the Store. It works on all Windows 10 devices, including tablets, phones and PCs.
  2. Open the app and tap ‘Background’. Select ‘Slideshow’ and then the photo album folder. *You can create a new folder using the File Manager and put there all images you want to rotate on the Start/ Lock screen.
  3. Set the rotation time and whether you want to rotate the pictures randomly or not. *Tip: 1 hour is fine.
  4. The Synchronization option would allow you to sync the settings across devices.
  5. Repeat the procedure to set rotating lock screen images.

Now you have changeable background photos on your Start & Lock screens. Enjoy.