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Securing Your Bitcoin on Windows Devices

Securing Your Bitcoin on Windows Devices
  • On March 30, 2018

With cryptocurrency now an established form of payment, much is required of the modern day digital wallet. With Bitcoin surpassing a record high of $19,000 in December, there is a dire need for swift, safe and secure methods of storage. In early March, Windows Defender successfully dealt with the large scale Dofoil attack. This proved that Windows platforms largely remain the safer option for all those interested in Bitcoin. There are various options for Windows users to choose from that are worth investigating.

Windows Phone

Ideally, the best digital wallet is mobile and easily accessible. Currently on the App Store there are various options for those looking to take their Bitcoin on the go. Bitpay is a popular choice within the Windows Phone userbase as it comes with extensive functionality. The app offers multiple wallets, instant Bitcoin buying/selling and the option to add a custom Bitpay Visa Card. This all comes with extensive security measures that remain only on the device and not stored in the cloud. Another option is the recommended Coin.Space. This offers a simpler approach for basic transactions at the cost of a shorter feature list. It is also common for these digital wallets to work with other crypto currencies.

While these services may sound attractive, it is important to remember that mobile security is an area of doubt. Flaws in verification systems (such as the SS7 fault) often leave users open to sudden attacks. It is therefore best to thoroughly investigate any wallet before depositing large amounts of Bitcoin.

“Man putting Bitcoin in his wallet” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Windows Desktop

Mobile options may provide a wallet on the go but desktop applications and browser options are by far the most flexible. This is vital given the range of uses Bitcoin now has.  Whether it’s simple transactions from one person to another, purchasing goods from a surprising number of retailers, or even online casino games on Bitcasino with super fast payouts. There are multiple options for those who prefer to store their cryptocurrency on their desktop.

On the software side, plenty of programs can satisfy trader’s needs. Electrum is known for its simple design and complex feature set. It has most core features you’d expect, including heightened security, but it’s designed mainly for those who have a good understanding of Bitcoin. Exodus, on the other hand, is an attractive and easy to use option. It started in July 2016, making it fairly new to the Bitcoin scene, but has a growing userbase. Again, use caution when assessing what desktop software is best for your needs.

Finally, there are the various online options for desktop users. GreenAddress relies on two step verification to secure your currency online. They also provide a relatively sleek interface and an instant view of funds without the need to log in. There is also the option to choose a large trusted site such as Coinbase. Coinbase is by far the most popular choice for those using browsers and boasts a full feature set including the option to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies. Browser based wallets are open to security problems as well so take time to evaluate your options.