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Screenshots from unreleased Mobile build 10134

black store

Dark themes for Spartan & Store, more polished look

Microsoft is currently testing new Windows 10 Mobile Builds within a closed group of employees and we expect the next public version to be out in the coming weeks. After having seen photos and videos from build 10127, screenshots of a newer version have leaked onto the Internet.

The build number is 10134 and we are looking at some major tweaks in the visual appearance. Dark themes can be enabled for Spartan (Edge) browser and the Store Beta. The browser also gets the ability to pin sites to the Start screen and minor changes in Settings.

microsoft edge black

Microsoft has changed the multitasking screens – X for closing the apps is larger and looks in line with the Windows 10 elements for Desktop. In addition, the multitasking window now has a background image – the same as that used on the Start screen.

Build 10134 of Windows 10 Mobile brings new UI for Cortana, which is the same as the Desktop. Finally, Mobile+SIM in Settings has become just Cellular.


Microsoft is yet to announce the official release date for Windows 10 Mobile, but we believe that new flagship devices and the new OS could debut in early fall 2015.