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Running With Santa 2 brings the Christmas spirit to Windows Phone

Running With Santa
  • On December 17, 2014

 A new Christmas app for the whole family

Just in time for Christmas, Zariba released a special endless runner game called Running with Santa 2 which is now available for free download from the Windows Phone Store. The new game comes with nice Christmas music and characters and simple gameplay.

The player`s mission is to guide the white-bearded man through the twisty icy routes and help him find and collect all the gifts that fell off the sled during the accident.

While running, the player will encounter dangerous obstacles and hidden traps which must be avoided in order to stay on track. During the adventurous sprint, all kinds of power-ups can be found that will make the chosen character run faster or for longer. Turbo-fast jetpack, magnets, shields are only part of the helpful gadgets. In addition, one can choose between two Santa Claus characters – the white-bearded man with red suit or the funky snowboard-riding Santa, or their little helper – the Dwarf.

Runner game chrismass

Completely designed in the Christmas spirit, the game includes stunning snowy landscape and delightful Christmas music that will magically take you to the North Pole.

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