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Q&A session with Stephen Elop: there will be a new brand

Stephen Elop with Lumia 1020
Windows Phone Area

Stephen Elop, Executive VP of Microsoft Devices, answered a lot of questions during a 40 minute chat session on Nokia Conversation. He shared thoughts about the future of Windows Phone, Nokia brand and Microsoft.

It looks that Microsoft has rights to use the Nokia brand for the next 10 years, but the name won’t be used for long time for smarphones, as Microsoft is working to select a new brand. The new name will be short and easily recognizable. Microsoft will keep the color personality of the new devices.

Elop believes that the innovations will be accelerated after the merger, something that was harder to achieve as separate entities. All Nokia exclusive apps such as MixRadio and Nokia Camera won’t disappear, as they are key elements for differentiation.

Asked about his favorite phone, Stephen Elop said that he totally loved Lumia 930 with its beautiful screen, great built quality, excellent camera and audio.

Microsoft is trying to attract as many manufacturers as possible, because it is good for Windows Phone. Redmond wants the market to be open for others, which would help the mobile platform grow and evolve.

Via Nokia Conversations