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PureViewClub: the best camera phones compared

PureViewClub: the best camera phones compared

The popular website from the Netherlands PureViewClub tested some of the best camera-phones available to date. The test scene was an ancient castle from the 13th century called Muiderslot, in excellent weather conditions – blue sky and bright sun. The tested models were HTC One M8, Nokia 808, Nokia Lumia 1020 & 1520, Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and Oppo Find 7.By zooming in the original shots we can see the level of details of each camera.

Smartphone comparison between cameras

Conclusions: HTC One M8’s output is a bit oversaturated, especially compared with 808 PureView. There are far more details in the crops from the Lumia 1020, while Galaxy S5 (more) and Xperia Z2 (a bit less) deliver oversharpened images. The Nokia Lumia 1520 delivers the smoothest results, while Oppo Find 7 leaves some mixed feelings. Each of the phones has advantages and disadvantages, with noticeable differences between the models in terms of color saturation, details and sharpness.

The full comparison on PureViewClub is here, including links to the original files on Flickr so you can make up your own mind.