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ProShot camera for Windows 10 now available for download


UWP ProShot is on sale in the Windows Store

ProShot has finally released its new UWP app in the Windows Store, and you can download it right now for $1.99, down from the original price of $3.99. The sale is temporary, until September 4, so if you want a powerful alternative to the stock Windows Camera, you should hurry up and head to the Store right now.

ProShot for Windows 10 is a powerful camera app that includes many features, real-time filters, manual control over photos and videos, RAW files support, fast image processing, and more.

DSLR-like controls at the upper right corner allow you to switch between Auto, Program, Manual or two Custom modes by your preferences. The bottom right menu reveals even more interesting features such as Time-Lapse, Light painting and video capture settings.

You can also adjust the image size, noise reduction level, turn on/off optical image stabilization and location.

If you love taking photos with your smartphone, you can download the ProShot app for Windows 10 from here.