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Prepaid Lumia 635 on AT&T for $99.99

nokia lumia 635 for att

Soon you will be able to get the new budget Windows Phone through AT&T. The US carrier announced today that Lumia 635 will go on sale on July 25 but there is some other good news for you. The smartphone costs just $99 as a prepaid GoPhone, while from August 8 onwards you can order a black and orange Lumia 635 online or get it from all physical stores around the country for $139.99 at no annual commitment pricing.

If you prefer contracts, however, AT&T is offering two plans – Next 18 and Next 12, so you can get a unit for free and then paying $5.8 or $7.0 each month, respectively.

Lumia 635 is the first Nokia running Windows Phone 8.1 platform so you can enjoy all new features and improvements made by Microsoft. Cortana virtual assistant (for US only), notification center, more customization options and other new functionalities come preloaded on the new 635.

The phone comes with LTE support, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 5MP camera, 8GB storage and microSD slot. If you buy this phone through AT&T, you will get also additional 15GB storage on the cloud.

Are you planning to buy the Lumia 635? Share your comments below.

source: att