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Poki is a beautiful Pocket client for Windows devices

Poki app for WIndows
Windows Phone Area

Read and listen to articles with Poki for Pocket

Poki is a must-have app for your Windows phone and PC. This third-party client for Pocket is a very well-designed app that shows the full potential of the Universal Windows platform.

Poki is similar to the Microsoft’s Reading list, but has a much better design and more features. The app syncs between phone, tablet and PC, and allows you to take your content with you when you find something interesting on the Web. Whenever you find an interesting article, video or website you can save them for later through the browser.

Once you’ve installed Poki on a Windows device you will see an option to share the article to Poki through the web browser. In Microsoft Edge you need to click on the ‘Share’ icon, select ‘Poki’ and then click on ‘add’ to save the link you want to check out later. In Mozilla for PC you will need to click on the icon ‘Save to Pocket’ on the right top of the browser. After you’ve put the content in your Pocket the articles show up on all your devices and you can read them later even without an internet connection.

Poki for Pocket

In addition to the very clean and elegant design, Poki for Windows devices comes with many great features for an unique reading experience. You can change text font and size, share and favorite articles and even listen to articles in the background with automatic language detection.

The app has a premium version that costs $4.99 and includes some extra features – four themes, background synchronization, update items when offline, and multi-editing.

Grab Poki for Windows 10 Phone, Windows Phone or Windows PC from the Store.

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