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PhotoMath – teacher’s worst nightmare becomes a reality

PhotoMath app for Windows Phone Lumia devices
  • On October 22, 2014

This brilliant app is free on Windows Phone

PhotoMath is a great new app, perfect for kids or college students experiencing serious difficulties in studying math and solving equations. The app, available for free on Windows Phone and  iOS, uses the smartphone camera and special optical recognition algorithms to display the results instantly on the display. Just point the camera at the equation. The app automatically recognizes the typewritten numbers and give you the solution. Really, It works like magic.

Only the final result is displayed instantly, but if you want to see all the steps just press the ‘steps’ button to see exactly how the equations is solved by PhotoMath.

The first version of PhotoMath supports four math concepts – simple linear equations, arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and roots. Complex calculus problems like multi-variables are not supported by the app. PhotoMath’s developers have promised that new features and improvements will be added in the future. Meanwhile you can use the feedback button in case of any problems and bugs.

See PhotoMath in action in the video below

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