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How to personalize your Lock Screen on Windows Phone 8

Lock screen notifications in Windows phone 8
  • On February 5, 2014

One of the things we like in Windows Phone 8 is that there are many hidden features and settings allowing you to customize and improve our smartphone experience. This article presents some tips on one of the important elements of the platform – the Lock screen. As many people don’t have time to check all notifications, messages, appointments and emails, the Lock screen plays an important role, showing only information people care about most. Of course, if they know how to personalize it.

lock screen

Your Lock screen consists of three sections. The first area is for clock, alarm and date. Below you can see detailed status of a chosen app, while the quick small status icons are down below.

Set your background

To change the main background of a Windows Phone tap on Settings -> Lock Screen -> Choose background. Select a photo from an album and then use fingers to zoom in or out until the picture is framed as you want. Another option is to let Bing update your background periodically – select Bing from the menu.

You can let an app update backgrounds by tapping on name of app and then Open. As those third party apps do things in the background, they can decrease battery life. Apps can be blocked from running background tasks from Settings –>Applications –> Background tasks.

notification settings lockscreen windows phone 8

Personalize notifications

Windows Phone 8 gives the ability to change your lockscreen icons and their order. First choose an app to show detailed status. In the app list, tap Settings and then Lock Screen. Under Notifications set the app you want to show detailed information and up to five apps to show quick statuses, as their orders correspondent to their places on the Lock screen. Please keep in mind that not all apps installed on your Windows Phone 8 handset can show notifications on the Lock screen.

Use lockscreen app

There are many third party apps like LockMix allowing you to personalize your Windows Phone lock screen. You can have different widgets showing tailored information such as weather, exchange rates, maps, battery power, news and more.