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Passive-listening on Windows Phone thanks to “Hey Cortana”

cortana first look
Windows Phone Area

Activating “Cortana” on Windows Phones is possible just after a single press on the Search key. But newer technology and development give users an option for passive voice activation.

The new “Cortana” option will be available for users with smartphones featuring the Snapdragon 80x chipsets such as the Lumia 930, 1520 and Lumia Icon models. The new feature is named “Hey Cortana” and brings a hands-free option.

In the beginning, users have to make the program get used to their voice. After that they can start it just by saying “Hey Cortana”. Then the program begins its work. The new option allows users to operate with the program without even touching their smartphone. This is useful if you are driving or doing something else at the moment and you cannot take your phone in your hands.

It is supposed that other smartphones such as the new HTC One could operate with the new function. It has the necessary hardware but also needs an OS update. For Nokia Lumia users the new feature is expected to be part of the new Lumia Denim firmware which is coming out in a few weeks.