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Our 5 Favorite Universal Windows apps

Our 5 Favorite Universal Windows apps
Windows Phone Area

Some great Windows 10 apps for PCs and Phones

The Universal Windows Platform allows developers to create Windows apps that run across the whole range of Windows 10 devices – from phones, to tablets and desktop PCs. Here are some of the best Universal apps we’ve found:

Toby Shopping Reminder [download]

Toby Shopping reminder windows 10 mobile

Toby is one of the few shopping apps that really solves the common problem – to forget buying something in the store. Thanks to Toby, a location-based shopping assistant, you can just open the app and select the things you need to buy.

Once you are close to a supermarket Toby will remind you to buy what you need. You can modify the reminder, add notes, limit the reminder to a certain store, and select times of the day you want to receive notifications.

AppRaisin [download]


AppRaisin allows you to find new apps and learn if there are updates and new releases. The app is something like a community that decides which apps deserve to be noticed. You can suggest, rise and comment apps and games.

Dynamic Theme [download]

Dynamic Theme settings

The app can automatically change your background and lockscreen photo based on the selected mode and source. Dynamic Theme has a Windows 10-like UI and you may even think this is a native app. You can set the daily Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures as background/lock screen and even let the app save these photos locally.

One of the best features of the Dynamic Theme app is the ability to select a slideshow mode for background / lock screen and add a local photo album folder. Then you can personalize how often the background / lock screen photo is being changed: 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 1 day. You can also sync settings across your Windows 10 devices.

FitBit [download]

Fitbit app for Windows 10 Mobile

Fitbit is a top app for tracking all-day activity, workouts and health. The app uses your phone’s data or connects to a Fitbit tracker to measure steps, calories, distance, weight, and more.

6tin [download]


Popular third-party Tinder app 6tin has been rewritten to support Windows 10 devices. 6tin v 3.0 is a universal Windows app that can work in Continuum mode on your Lumia 950 & 950 XL.

The new version of 6tin comes with an improved design, optional dark theme, interactive notifications – reply directly from the toasts, the ability to create pick-up lines, synchronization between devices, and more.