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OneDrive Storage Space Doubled for Users

OneDrive storage space app
Windows Phone Area

A few months ago the SkyDrive service by Microsoft was updated to OneDrive. Since then, there have been numerous updates and improvements of the platform. The updates of different apps and the additional functions to some of them require more storage space which has just been added to OneDrive.

According to an announcement by Microsoft, the feature could be enabled after activating the auto-upload camera function on your device. Then your storage space will be doubled. You just have to use OneDrive and sign in with your Microsoft account.

With the new feature you get 30GB free storage space instead of the 15GB offered up to now. If you have not used OneDrive before, there is nothing embarrassing. It is just a useful platform allowing you to make back-up copies of your photos.

In the announcement for the update by Microsoft, Apple is also mentioned. iPhone is reproached to offer only 16GB storage space for the entry-level version. But with the effort put by Apple to develop the camera and recording options, more space might be needed.

According to Microsoft, the bonus storage space will not be available for a long time so users should better take advantage of it as soon as possible.