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Office Remote lets you manage remotely your presentations

Office Remote for Windows Phone screenshot

Microsoft has just released an app that allows Windows Phone users to control their presentations via their handsets. The app is available from today and is called Office Remote. It allows Windows Phone users to easily control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations using their phones as remote controllers.

The app is a joint collaboration between the Office team and Microsoft research that brings your presentation skills to a next level. Using the app the user can easily scroll through the Word documents, jump between PowerPoint slides or change the Excel spreadsheets. The app runs on Windows Phone 8 and works with all versions of Office 2013 except Office 2013 RT. In order to use it, you also need a Bluetooth-enabled PC and a desktop add-inn installed.

Office Remote for Windows Phone 8

As Microsoft states, Office Remote is just the first step in “the productivity space”, explained as a “diverse society of devices” where “you use not only the right device for the task at hand, but, potentially, also use multiple devices together to make it easier to achieve your goals.” Good days indeed for those presenters who own Windows Phone devices. Now they are able to take full advantage of their phones while doing their presentations.

Source: Microsoft Research