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NuAns planning to launch an updated version of NEO

NuAns Neo

A new version of the NuAns NEO in the works

The Japanese company NuAns has confirmed that it is working on a new version of NEO Windows 10 smartphone with upgraded specs. NuAns NEO is an interesting device launched in early 2016, but it is still available only in Japan after it failed in a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter. Using crowdfunding, the phone was supposed to launch globally, but it failed to reach the goal.

NuAns Neo, in its first version, is a strange device with its Continuum support and USB Type-C, but a modest processor and screen. However, the most interesting aspect of the NEO is not the inside, but the look as the phone stands out with its customizable top and bottom shells.

It now seems that NuAns has realized that not only the look is important in 2016, and we may soon have a much more appealing smartphone – NEO 2.

What do you think about such a consumer-focused Windows 10 smartphone in the light of the enterprise orientation of Microsoft and some of the key partners like HP?