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Nokia’s Lumia Amber update close to release: full changelog available

Nokia Lumia Amber Update

Nokia’s Lumia Amber update is ready to roll out to the rest of the Lumia devices. The software update is already loaded on the new Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones. It seems that the first old handset to get the Lumia Amber update will be the Nokia Lumia 920. A few days ago, we’ve been teased at a pre-release version running on a 920. Today, the full changelog of the update has been revealed. The new features include:

  • Glance Screen: with Clock / charging indicator (OFF by default). It allows users to check the time without turning on the screen. Due to hardware restrictions the feature won’t come to the Nokia Lumia 520/521.
  • Smart Camera: an improved camera app capturing the best moments. Users will be able to remove objects from the images; select the best shots; take a group of images in sequence; and use the advanced face, blink and smile detection.
  • FM Radio: tune to your favorite radio station.
  • HERE Maps v3.4: the new version of the popular mapping service with increased venue map coverage and personalized life tile options.
  • HERE Drive+ v2.2: has better synchronization with HERE apps; customizable map feature; pin to start and live tile options.
  • HERE Transit v3.5: with several bug fixes, easily switch between Here Maps and Here Transit and an easy access from Maps and Drive
  • Flip to silence: You can turn the phone to silence by flipping it
  • Data Sense: It manages and controls your data flow
  • Find your closest hotspot

Lumia Amber is the addition to the Microsoft’s GDR2. Both are expected to roll out to all Nokia Lumia devices in August.

Source: My Nokia Blog