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Nokia’s Glance Background app adds images to the Glance Screen

glance screen of a lumia device having the glance background app
  • On October 12, 2013

Nokia has released a new app called ‘Glance Background’. It allows you to set a background picture on the Glance Screen of your Lumia device. With the app, Nokia brings back to life most of the customization options available in the Symbian’s Sleeping Screen.

With the new app, you can select up to four images from the preloaded or your own. The selected images will rotate as backgrounds when the Glance Screen is active. The Glance Background app keeps the full functionality of the Glance Screen that was introduced with the Lumia Amber update. The Glance Screen displays the time and save you from waking up the display which conserve the battery. It also allows you to wake up the phone by double tapping the screen.

the new app glance background for lumia devices

Glance Background app has a simple photo editor with a basic functionality so the images can be colorized and zoomed. Currently, the app is in beta version, but Nokia is likely to improve it alongside the Bittersweet shimmer update that will add more customization options to the Glance Screen.

Glance Background can be downloaded from the Store here. In order to be installed, a Lumia Amber update is required. All Windows Phone 8 devices except Lumia 520 and Lumia 625 support the Glance Screen feature.