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Nokia is not withdrawing “HERE” services from Windows Phone

Nokia HERE logos
Windows Phone Area

Nokia is on the way to start a co-operation with Android and iOS but the company states that it will continue their partnership with Windows Phone.

Some rumors came out after the announcement for the parting of the ways of Windows Phone and Nokia. The Nokia networking and mapping patent company seemed to be preparing for ending their relationship with WP and pulling their technology back from the platform.

However, a Nokia’s official spokesperson gave some more info about the case announcing that “Here” will continue being a part from Windows Phone’s products. Moreover, the contract between the two sides is for at least 4 years which means that the mapping network will be used by Microsoft’s products in future, too. The offline mapping service will also be available on Windows Phone. According to the spokesperson, Microsoft has full access to all the functions developed on the maps.

In addition to the statement by Nokia, the spokesperson says that HERE was initially created for WP but this does not mean it could not work for another OS. After the end of Nokia Windows Phone devices this move seems to be an expected one. However, the maps remain a part from Nokia and the company still gives a license to Microsoft for using them. The opposite also concerns some of the Nokia apps and products. Such agreement is about to be signed for a decade in future.

At present, Nokia is developing new “HERE” products for Android and Apple but future improvements for Windows Phone are guaranteed. In their official statement the spokesperson promises WP clients to receive more updates soon.

Source: CNET